Our bending experience began in 2004 in an aluminum manufacturing company, bending low section 3-axis profiles for Opel, Germany.

With the experience acquired in this work and the subsequent ones, we were able to develop our own and unique system of bending aluminum profiles of half section (up to 200mm).

In 2006 an improved prototype of the machine was made, which allowed us to reach the bending of high section profiles (up to 400x110mm).

In 2022 we signed a collaboration agreement with the Swedish company Swebend to continue with the development, manufacture and sale of our IMG models globally. Being Swebend the manufacturer of the strongest, most sophisticated and most reliable Bending Machines on the worldwide market, this agreement has been an important milestone in our future.

In order to protect the unique bending system that we have developed, in 2018 we obtained patents for our models in Europe, USA, Mexico and Canada.

With 2 automatic models and one manual, and the knowledge and experience necessary to design machines for specific high-rate projects (eg: automobile, railway sector) we are able to design the bending machine that adapts to the needs of the client.

aluminium bending
aluminium machine


Innovaciones Técnicas Motec business covers high-and-medium-section aluminium profile bending machine sales amongst other activites, manufactured under patents of their own.

We own the patent within Spain as well as the patent extension in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and member countries of the European Patent Convention.

Our semi-uninterrupted bending machines allow for profile bending without longitude limitations, without section or guide deviations and with a perfect surface finish.

In this website, all bends have been made with our machines, where you can see the advantages versus other bending methods. Due to standard non-disclosure policies, will not include sensitive data about our machines though, which will be shared on future meetings, if applicable.

Our machines models rely on the system developed by our engineering team, yielding the advantageous semi-uninterrupted bending system exclusived for aluminium profiles, that positions our machines on the lead amongst its competitors.